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Bookbinding and Publishing

Bookbinding workshops for everyone!


Online bookbinding workshops are available to buy below as Kit & Caboodle Kits.

Workshops are restricted to 4 people per session with 1:1 sessions also available.

Hand sanitiser is supplied and face masks must be worn.

Please remember that workshops are subject to cancellation during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and subject to current government guidelines.


We continue to design and print commissions large and small so please email to discuss your ideas. Our cards, gifts and books are also available to buy online and your continued support is hugely appreciated.

Please follow us on social media for up-to-date information and we very much look forward to welcoming you back to our little studio.

Choose from 3 decorative bookbinding workshops: Long Stitch, Japanese Stab and Coptic Binding. All use decorative stitches to bind pages in different, decorative ways.

Long Stitch Binding is a simple yet very effective way of stitching a cover to the signatures without the need for any glue.

Japanese Stab Binding allows single sheets to be bound together, which is ideal for a collection of sketches, poems or writings perhaps.

In Coptic Binding, signatures are created and the intricate chain stitch is sewn through to bind them to the hard cover. This technique allows the finished book to open completely flat.

All techniques are suitable for beginners.

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