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Our Eco Credentials

Typography Print 3 Hour Workshop

We don't shout about our eco credentials enough - and perhaps we should! The studio is sustainable in many ways, with vintage letterpress naturally being an environmentally viable process.

Most of our equipment has had a previous life, with the presses and equipment having been rescued in some cases and restored. The presses are all powered by hand and foot and our ability to produce short print runs means that we are naturally producing less waste too... unless you're counting the amount of choccy bars it takes to power our Master Printer!

We source recycled and FSC accredited materials wherever possible. The beautiful papers we print on are FSC accredited, cotton-based or 100% recycled and we re-use and recycle newsprint and packaging wherever possible.

We use oil-based inks which have often been rescued from commercial printers and we hand mix our inks which means that we use very little ink too. To clean down, we use vegetable oil, avoiding harsh chemicals wherever possible.

This careful and considered approach to our practise ensures high quality results that cannot be mimicked.