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Arboretum by John Blakemore and Rosalind Pounder

Browse the latest exhibition and catch a glimpse of traditional letterpress in action in the studio to the rear of the gallery.

Exhibitions in 2018

On Now

Bernie Rutter
15th September – 13th October


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Beatrice Tailby-Hardstaff
20th October – 17th November

Past Exhibitions in the Gallery Space

Once Upon a Time… by Pandora Johnson

Once Upon a Time…

Portraits: Daniel Dytrych

Prints and Bookarts: Peter Knight

Looking Beyond: Rob Chapman

In Print: Ralph McGaul

Time and Motion by Gillan Paris

Post-Truth Mail Art Project – Various Artists (national and international)


Arboretum by John Blakemore and Rosalind Pounder
About Rosalind

Floral Bouquets by Barbara Smith

Worn: Concealed Shoes by Chrissy Stangroom

Traces in the Void by Sarah Roach

Format International Photography Festival: Habitat

Works by Chris Barker

Seventy Years by Anna Johnson

Wood Engravings by Rob Chapman