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Typography Print Workshop

Typography Print Workshops for short projects

Typography Print sessions are great for realising a short type-based project!

Explore the studio’s collection of type to create a typographic print and experiment with inks and layout before jumping straight into the typesetting and composition with Chris on hand to advise on layout and to help you achieve the perfect print.

Perfect for creating a very special gift, previous projects include business cards, change of address cards, bookplates and poems.

These workshops are scheduled once a month either as a 4 hour session on a Saturday afternoon, or a 3 hour session on a Thursday evening.

If it’s the process rather than the outcome you’re interested in, then check out the Introduction to Letterpress workshops here. Adana Workshops are also available if you are the proud owner of an Adana and want someone.

Book your bespoke workshop below or get in touch if you would like to find out more. Workshops are available at a mutually convenient time.

Email for more information.

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