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A Pressing Matter: The Smallprint Company | Grafter Magazine

A Pressing Matter by Elizabeth Brown | Grafter Magazine

A Pressing Matter: The Smallprint Company

A Pressing Matter: The Smallprint Company. 

The results of a visit to the studio by photographer and writer Elizabeth Brown have been featured in Grafter Magazine, and I must say, Liz captures the mood of the studio just so!

The Smallprint Company, [is] an exploration into artisan craftsmanship, upheld by couple, Chris and Hannah. A brand-new article on Grafter magazine with a series of superb images available to check out now by @elizabet.hbrown

Elizabeth goes on to state how, “many traditional crafts, [including] letterpress printing is in danger of being lost, simply because of the consumer attitude to the costs of artisan-made prices.”

Her article and visually striking images uncover an underbelly of artisan and traditional craft lovers through the means of showcasing @smallprintco. Going on to discuss why, in such a disposable culture, we need to look toward companies like Smallprint Company more often than large corporations.

“Smallprint is now not just a business, but a philanthropic pursuit too.”

Read Elizabeth’s article now – link below!!!

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