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An Archive: Setting the type

An Archive of Words by Jemma Grace

Jemma is bringing her expertise to the studio with some brilliant results!

Studying for a MA in museum and heritage has led to some interesting paths in the last year and I did not expect it to be in a letterpress studio. While I spend days in the studio learning the practical elements, and everything I can from Chris and Hannah, I have been looking at how my MA can help The Smallprint Co. One of the projects I am working on is creating an archive of words related to letterpress and creating archive cards, that will be stored and made accessible to the public to look through and learn terminology as well as interesting facts about printing.

This is the first archive card to be made for the collection

An Archive: The Columbian Press

An Archive: The Columbian Press

This was a really fun process, as it was the first card. We discussed layout, typefaces and worked out how much text would fit on the card, were the practicalities we faced. Then the research, whilst Chris knew about the Columbian Press we wanted to see if there were some interesting and unusual things we could add to the card.

We are currently collating a list of words, definitions and research, if you have any you would like to contribute any words please comment below or visit us in the studio.

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