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Furthest From The Sea Wanted Pirate Posters 2022

Commemorative Posters

Commemorative Posters

Commemorative posters for your event are a great reminder of fun times. Over the last 10 years we’ve worked with a variety of organisations to produce commemorative posters and merchandise for events.


Our aim is always to create something unique to an event and add some fun along the way. The options are to have a specific design that includes key information on the day that can be produced in advance for sale on the day, or we set up a pop-up print shop where we invite attendees to print their own. In some cases, we have an option to personalise the posters with a name.

It’s a really great way to engage with the audience and offer an interactive experience as well as demonstrating the heritage craft of letterpress. We aim to make the design site specific so that it ties in with the theme of the event.

At the Furthest From the Sea festival, our Pirate posters have been hugely successful and appeal to all ages.

‘The Ominous Times’ is a site-specific piece produced for the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. Here we replicated a Victorian broadsheet newspaper and participants added their name and crime to the poster, then printed it on our 100 year old proofing press, with much hilarity!

You can always find us at the Museum of Making makers fair (Assemble),  this is an annual gathering that celebrates makers of all shapes and sizes at the Museum of Making on what is widely regarded as the site of the world’s first factory. The Smallprint Company produce a unique print for each year and invite visitors to print their own copy on our vintage proofing press.

If this is something that you think would enhance your event then please get in touch and we can discuss how The Smallprint Company can add some inky fun to your event.


“My children each have a poster on the wall from Furthest From The Sea and the posters make me smile every time I walk past…”

Eileen, Derby


“We come back every year to add to our Maker Faire poster collection!”

Museum of Making visitor, Derby


“We’ve had the pleasure of working with The Smallprint Company on many different projects and in a variety of settings – they reliably bring a stand-out contribution which never fails to charm all ages and audiences.”

Furthest From The Sea


“The Smallprint Company have always been a fantastic addition to ‘Assemble: Derby’s Making Festival’ and other Derby Museums programmed and supported events. Their poster print workshops are incredibly fun and engaging and it’s a joy to see people of all ages making and interacting with them”.

Derby Museums


View our commemorative poster gallery below…

Manchester Fringe event poster


Pirate Posters! Furthest From The Sea, 2018

Pirate Posters! Furthest From The Sea, 2018


Pirate Posters! Furthest From The Sea, 2018

Pirate Posters! Furthest From The Sea, 2018


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