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Museum of Making illustrated print

Museum of Making Letterpress Print

Museum of Making Letterpress Print

Museum of Making Letterpress Print. To celebrate the launch of the brand new Museum of Making, we were commissioned to create a print which was gifted to the first 1000 visitors and VIPs.

Director Hannah Fox supplied the copy, I created a pen and ink drawing of the building and Chris set the text, printing the results in 2 colours, copper and black. As an added twist, the paper we used, Fabriano, is an Italian cotton paper, which gives a nod to the mills less honourable moments

Along with an info card and glassine bag, the print were ready to hand out and were well received. It was a really huge honour to be asked to be involved in the launch of the museum which has received national interest and praise for the initiative.

Article from The Guardian


1000 hand torn sheets of Fabriano paper


Image block on the press


On the press (Harrild & Sons treadle press)


Info / Branding cards


Illustration printed in copper


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