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Entrance to Winterbourne Press

Winterbourne House, January 2020

Winterbourne House


Winterbourne House. At the end of 2019 we were invited to work with the team in Birmingham. Winterbourne is an Arts and Crafts house and gardens that has been lovingly restored and is now open to the public. Within the grounds they have a created a press that is home to several machines including a Gem proofing press, various treadles, Adanas and even an original Heidelberg platen. There is also an impressive collection of type that is currently being sorted and catalogued.


Our aims at Winterbourne are to help develop the output of the press through the creation of designs that reflect the history and heritage of the site. There is certainly plenty of inspiration to be found in and around the house with the gardens being of particular interest as spring is just around the corner.


We will continue to give you updates on our progress and wholly encourage you to take some time to visit the house. In the meantime here is a selection pf photos of the Winterbourne Press and some of the treasures within.

Learn more about the house and gardens here.

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