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Choosing Colours for Your Wedding Stationery – Rose gold and grey

Choosing Colours for Your Wedding Stationery – Let the Seasons Inspire You!

Choosing Colours for Your Wedding Stationery

Let the Seasons Inspire You! by Luca Henriksen

Choosing the right colours and design for your wedding stationery – and, by extension, possibly the whole wedding itself – can be a surprisingly difficult task.

Compared to tracking down the right venue or perfecting the seating arrangements, picking a couple of colours may initially seem like a simple task, but with all the colours in the world to choose from, where do you start? All that freedom can be paralysing, so you need some method of narrowing down your choices.

One great place to draw inspiration from is the seasons of the year: consider the predominant colours and motifs of the season during which you have elected to get married and work them into your design and colour palette.

Read on to for our thoughts on seasonal wedding stationery and view a couple of examples of our previous designs.


Being the coldest and darkest time of the year, winter is a great time for those dark and cool colour palettes.

For example, a navy blue to imitate the night sky, which we see so much of this time of the year, coupled with white or silver foil. Or, as in the invitation pictured below, a warmer gold foil to remind us of those winter evenings spent inside, cosied up under a thick blanket.

Choosing Colours for Your Wedding Stationery – Deep blue and gold

Gold hot foil on a deep blue stock. Design by Eva Wan

Other typical winter colours are deep dark green and warm red, but as these colours are also closely associated with Christmas, do be wary of using them together, unless you are deliberately aiming for a Christmassy mood.

While it is perfectly acceptable to keep your wedding stationery simple, alongside colours, you may want to also think about seasonal motifs that can feature on your wedding stationery (and/or be part of the wedding decorations). For wintertime weddings, this could be a sparkly snowy effect, pinecones, evergreens (like holly, ivy and mistletoe), or whatever else signals winter to you and yours.


With spring comes the slow blooming of life as the days get longer and temperatures start to climb. Trees, flowers and other plant-life can be seen budding this time of year, and wildlife begins to show itself.

Full colour digital print on Marcate Old Mill 350gsm

Pastel colours are a great colour choice for springtime wedding stationery as it signals that slow blooming of life. But you’ll find that spring is a very versatile season, being halfway between the dark and cosy wintertime and the bright and dynamic summertime, and depending on the exact month in which you are getting married, you can easily “borrow” from either of these seasons.

Budding flowers and plant-life make great motifs for spring wedding stationery. Birds, too, as they start to come out in greater numbers at this time of year, with the pair of love birds being a particularly popular choice.


With trees and flowers now in full bloom, summertime is a time of life and colour, and your wedding stationery can reflect that; for example, with a bright sunny yellow, grassy green, or other boldly coloured card stock.

For a more traditionally elegant design, you can’t go wrong with blush pink or, as pictured here, a classic gold foil on white card.

Choosing Colours for Your Wedding Stationery – Let the Seasons Inspire You!

Gold on white with deboss

For summery motifs, look for ones that really signal the life and vigour of the season: bright, blooming flowers, birds or other wildlife – or perhaps something more personal to you, something less obvious but which nevertheless signals summertime to you and yours.


In the autumn, the days are slowly getting shorter and cooler. Plant-life fades. Trees turn into brilliant shades of red and orange as they start to shed their leaves, covering lawns and paths.

Great colours for autumn weddings are, you guessed it, shades of red, brown and orange. Hot foil invites in colours like copper, gold and rose gold are particularly popular this time of year, especially when combined with a slightly more muted card stock, as pictured here.

Choosing Colours for Your Wedding Stationery – Rose gold and grey

Rose gold on grey board

Leaves are a particularly popular motif for autumn weddings, but other great options include things like apples, pinecones and pumpkins.

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